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Fourth Dimension Records is always open to small trades with labels/artists operating in our fields of interest. Get in touch if you have an item or two you'd like included in the mail order section but please note we can only trade against our own releases at this stage. Thank you.

CIRCUIT BREAKER - Hands Return To Shake LP

The second album 'proper' from this London-based duo consisting of two brothers very much inspired by the space where post-punk music meets industrial. There's a nice refreshing sound evident that brings it up to date, though.

Released in 2018. Harbinger Sound. £15.75 + shipping.

DIETER MUH - Feeling a Little Horse CD

Remastered reissue of a long o/p CDr by Steve Cammack's wonderful project given to post-industrial 'scaping melded with radio manipulating, collage techniques, cut-ups and the like. Includes three bonus cuts. Packaged in a 7" style sleeve.

Released in 2016. EE Tapes, Belgium. £9.00 + shipping.

GAD WHIP - Post Internet Blues LP

Post Internet Blues cover

The first album 'proper' following a number of cassette releases by this Midlands-based post-punk/DIY group who have a different spin on a diverse range of influences. There's a neat experimental angle there, too. Think The Fall, The Mekons, Sleaford Mods, Cyclic Amp, Map 71 and so on whilst a guy rants and spits from a dingy pub corner and the well worn carpets slowly come to life.

Released in late 2018. X-Mist, Germany. £15.50 + shipping.


Twenty-seven electronic pieces of a post-industrial hue by this US duo.

Released in 2015. Dub Ditch Picnic, Canada. £10.00 + shipping.


Third album by the freeform sax player.

Released in 2017. 213 Records. £14.00 + shipping.

STEFAN JAWORZYN - Eaten Away By Shadows CD

Collection of solo pieces by the man whose past credits include working with Whitehouse, being involved in avant-pummel duo Ascension, running the Shock label and being editor/publisher of Shock Xpress magazine. These arrive from the years 1982/1983 and sway haphazardly from clunky electronics to guitar and organ work definitely of its time but all the more endearing for it.

Released in 2013. Shock. £11.00 + shipping.

LIBEREZ - Sane Men Surround CD

Post-industrial electronics from this UK duo.

Released in 2013. Alter. £9.50 + shipping.

FRANCISCO LOPEZ - Untitled (2012 - 2014) 2CD

Another album from the prolific artist mostly given to generating soundworlds from field recordings and textural gush.

Released in 2017. Purple Soil, Czech Republic. £13.00 + shipping.

MATTIN & JUNKO - eponymous

This is an uncompromising squall of a listen wherein Junko's unleashed screams make Yoko Ono sound like she's singing lullabies. Tochnit-Aleph, Germany.

Released in 2008. £10.00 + shipping.

M.B. - Noise-O-Rama CD

Terrible name for an album by this Italian artist, here gathering some archival works from 1982/1983.

Released in 2015. FinalMuzik, Italy. £9.00 + shipping.

MICROMELANCOLIE - It Doesn't Belong Here CD

Abstract electronic pieces from the prolific Polish artist.

Released in 2014. Zoharum, Poland. £8.00 + shipping.

BJ NILSEN - Terroir 3" MCD

Almost 20 minutes of processed field recordings and other such mulch.

Released in 2017. Ferns Recordings, France. £5.00 + shipping.

PHURPA - Ya Tog Rid Pa'i Gyer 2CD

Two lengthy pieces of ritualistic throat singing at once hypnotic and recalling all manner of drone works.

Released in 2017. Zoharum, Poland. £9.00 + shipping.

PLURALS - Atlantikwall 2CD

Latest album from this duo whose music forages a largely 'psycho-ambient' world courtesy of a wide range of devices and instruments. Elsewhere, you might see this work described as 'dark ambient', but it's a term that only serves as some kind of injustice, really. At times, this is more reminiscent of The Hafler Trio.

Released in 2017. Silken Tofu, Belgium. £12.00 + shipping.

PENNY RIMBAUD - Penny Rimbaud's Kernschmelze II - Cantata For Improvised Voice CD

Eight pieces by the Crass founder, also featuring Eve Libertine of said group on voice.

Released in 2017. Cold Spring Records. £10.50 + shipping.

PENNY RIMBAUD - Oh, Magick Kingdom CD.

Remastered reissue of this limited edition mini-album which first appeared in 2011, featuring ten cuts of post-industrial experimentation by the former Crass mainstay.

Released in 2018. Cold Spring Records. £9.00 + shipping.

SKULLFLOWER - The Spirals of Great Harm 2CD

Another thirteen cuts from Matthew Bower's long-running group, once again throwing the listener into some cascading black pools of blistering psychedelic-noise.

Released in 2017. Cold Spring. £13.50 + shipping.

SMALL CRUEL PARTY - Islands of Sleep CD

Reissue of a long o/p LP from 1998 by the long running abstract soundworld project of William Key Ransone.

Released in 2018. Ferns Recordings, France. £9.00 + shipping.

THEME - No Emotions Catered For LP

Fifth album by this Splintered-related group, here bringing together a number of tracks with guests on based around abstract electronics and a generally more difficult and uncompromising approach. Limited to 250. Features fantastic Karen Constance (Blood Stereo) artwork on the front cover.

Released in 2014. Idioblast Records. £13.50 + shipping.

THU20 - Vroeg Werk 2CD

Collection of live works from the 1980s by this Dutch group known for merging post-industrial and experimental styles of various shades.

Released in 2012. Monochrome Vision, Russia. £8.00 + shipping.

UGLY ANIMAL - Panic Button CD

Not sure if this is a one-off project or not, but it's helmed by the excellent Map 71's percussionist, Andy Pyne, and collects nine pieces of a typically abstract and avant-garde leaning.

Released in 2016. Foolproof Projects. £9.00 + shipping.

MARK WYNN - Singles - But They're Not Really Singles... LP

Eighteen cuts by this virtually no-fi, uh, 'singer-songwriter' whose take on the medium comes from the perspective of someone using a broken instrument and pithy commentary to propel each piece along.

Released in 2016. Harbinger Sound. £15.00 + shipping.

ZENI GEVA & STEVE ALBINI - Maximum Implosion 2CD

Remastered reissue of the collaborative material which originally appeared on the Nai-Ha and All Right, You Little Bastards! albums in 1993. Features two bonus cuts from a very rare 12", too. Colossal power-dirges by these icons of the Japanese scene with a grumpy guy from Chicago also throwing his weight around.

Released in 2018. Cold Spring. £15.00 + shipping.

ZOS KIA/COIL - Transparent CD

Reissue. Cold Spring. £10.50 + shipping.

V/A - The Harbinger Sound Sampler 2LP

Sleaford Mods, Consumer Electronics, Phil Julian, Toylettes, Chaos UK, Sudden Infant, Mark Wynn, Circuit Breaker, Massicot, The Urinals, etc.

Released in 2017. Great budget priced album of noise, punk, electronics, etc. Harbinger Sound. £5.50 + shipping.